Tuesday, 30 April 2013


                                  Happy May Day to you all! Hauskaa Vappua!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Music, music, music...

I browsed through my stuff on the computer looking for illustrations with musical instruments. Here are a few in a chronological order starting from 2004. Personal projects, educational publishing, artwork from my exhibitions, Christmas card and even one Santa Claus!

Pencil line, mixed media, oil pastels, gouache, touch of Photoshop...and an obsession to get the musical instruments drawn as correctly as possible with the artist's freedom and simplification. Tuba and euphonium are almost painful to draw, but excellent practice for patience!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sketching new characters

I think one of the most enjoyable parts as an illustrator is to design new characters based on the author's text. I just take out my pencil and some paper, make notes on the script and think about how the characters look like, how they behave, move, react etc. I think about their age, clothing, facial expressions, body language and just try different things. Sometimes if I get stuck, I feel or act them out, try different moves, positions and so on. If I need to work fast, I spend less time on this, which is always a shame.

When I start to work on the final illustrations, I seem to lose the flow of casual, quick pencil lines and the movement they create. But when I get to put down the colours, it's probably even more enjoyable! Well, my point is, I love it all...