Friday, 22 August 2014

Elsa-books, here!

The two Elsa-books are here, but I haven't seen them yet. That is frightening, always is. You never know what might go wrong with the colours etc. But still I'm not prepared to work on a computer, love my paints.
Anyway, next week I'll be framing artwork for the Elsa exhibition at Toukka in September.

Night of the Arts the shop window!

Yesterday was once again the Night of the Arts in Helsinki. Last year I organised a watercolour painting session at Gudrun Sjödén store. I thought that this year I could do something similar, but still different. So I did some sketches in "Gudrun-style" in the shop window and I was accompanied with my very pregnant, beautiful friend Suveka. It's a strange kind of funny feeling to have people outside looking at you through a window...Well, strange is good.
We also had live music played by Kaneli ("cinnamon"), a band of three sisters playing some very good songs.
That was fun, as always!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Summer holiday update

I have been enjoying a long summer holiday. I had a chance to come to the studio today, so that I can start planning on how to get back to the work mode in a couple of weeks when the school term starts. I'll be doing more teaching this year (children, dance etc.) and some workshops based on Elsa picture books together with the author Kerttu Ruuska. Also an exhibition of original artwork from Elsa books will get me busy soon. The exhibition will take place in a lovely children's book shop Toukka in Kallio, Helsinki.
Below are the colour sketches and final illustration for the picture book Elsa uimahallissa ("Elsa goes swimming") published by Sanoma Pro in September. The cover design is by Jussi Kaakinen, my wonderful and talented illustrator/graphic designer spouse.