Friday, 31 October 2014

Helsinki Book Fair and Elsa workshops

Last weekend I was performing with Trio Pullakka, our band that is really a quartet. This was part of Elsa book reading session at Helsinki Book Fair children's area. Our next "gig" will be in a week's time at our local library.
We have started our 'Elsa workshop tour' at pre-schools and kindergartens with Kerttu. So far it's been really exciting. We have planned two different workshops, one for each book. Both of the workshops start with reading one of the Elsa books.
We have had imaginary trip through the winter forest to the ice-skating rink with some of the children for Elsa luistelemassa -book ("Elsa goes ice-skating"). This workshop is the one with movement, improvisation and learning about the basic skating techniques through play and dance. With others we have started to build a swimming pool by painting water with marbles and making frogs. The swimming pool project will continue so that the group can build their own 3D pool with water, frogs, tiles and maybe even slides and jump boards for the swimmers.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Workshops for pre-school children

Elsa celebrating the Wihuri Foundation's grant
Me and Elsa's author Kerttu received a grant to go to local kindergartens and teach workshops based on Elsa books. There will be two different ones, both with a book reading moment and activities. The ice-skating workshop will be the one with a lot of movement and play relating to the subject. The swimming workshop is about creating a swimming pool together with different art materials and techniques.
It means that the two of us will be as busy as bees for the next two months!

Tomorrow we celebrate Elsa's name day in Finland. Well, one day too soon, Happy Elsa's Day!

Oh yes, Elsa has a very sweet little brother!

 Here is a link to Elsa's own Facebook page (all in Finnish): Elsa books.