Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Vicuñas and summer holidays!

Tomorrow I start my summer holiday. Actually I should be packing this very moment! But I wanted to write a post before I switch off my computer.
Here is something I have worked on for MATS Bootcamp's June's assignment. The theme was vicuñas, beautiful animals of the Andes. The brief was to make a character sheet or spread of a picture book. Here is my final piece I really loved working on.

And here are some sketches, bits and pieces from the beginning toward the final illustrations.

 After pencil sketches I put on some colour in my A3 sketchbook. That was fun!

I reworked the character sketches because I really liked the vicuña riding a bicycle and dancing tango...The story started to evolve.

Then I put it all on a double spread with some text I came up with, added some extra bits such as "cheering" cacti to make it more interesting and made a hand-painted pattern for the background. And hurray, I was finished!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Illuminated letters

As I wrote earlier this spring, I'm taking part in MATS Bootcamp, a five month course with a new assignment every month. The bootcamp course is created by an American top illustration agent and teacher Lilla Rogers. In March we worked on colouring book cover with 1920's theme. In April it was all about lumberjacks and related animals, patterns etc.

In May we started with a medieval themed mini assignment and then created wall art or a tarot card design. For this brief I wanted to paint with gouache. Too much computer and no brush makes me very cranky after a while. Paints and brush on paper is meditative and relaxing, at least when you're not under a deadline pressure...

I had sketched my initials while researching all things medieval. In the end I had very little time to finish the artwork. So I chose the tarot card "Lovers" that I turned it into "Soulmates". Since I already had letter "N" as a pencil sketch, I wanted to do that one as well with a slightly different technique with the background. So I did it yesterday! I enjoyed painting these so much. It's such a feeling of freedom and happiness, when you can work on an illustration that is purely to please yourself.